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SPS Pos . 2.0
Star Point Star’s user approach to designing a point of sales system.

“SPS pos” is designed using the “by the user to the user” methodology in that its interface and workflow uses a simple and straightforward style, unique in the point of sales industry.

“SPS pos” uses a special technology that was developed in-house, known as the “mind action criteria” or “MAC” allowing the user to intuitively learn how to conduct all the business actions needed to maintain a restaurant, coffee shop or any other point of sales organization from within the system.

It uses a very user friendly interface, carefully designed for intense and long hours of usage, and enhanced bearing in mind touch screens, giving the user the ability to choose whether to use a normal pointing device like the mouse, or a touch screen mechanism.
SPS MBS . 1.0
Star Point Star’s solution for billing and invoicing for large scale power generator plants.

Removing the effort put into manual invoicing for large systems of power generator firms, and eliminating the error from all labor-intensive tasks, like writing invoices for customers, and managing generator expenses, and adding the effortless calculation models that computers provide us with, SPS MBS v1.0 was a successful push towards the e-direction and the new age of invoicing systems.

Coded with all the new features that the .net framework has provided the computer and information industry. Adding to it the final touch of user-friendliness that Star Point Star brings to all of its interfaces, the Motor Billing System is a starting technology and firm step towards the precise direction.
SPS stock . 1.0
A stock control and invoicing system, for small businesses.

This product revolves around small businesses, wanting to posess the power of the new age, with easy steps and optional functionalities, you can control your stock flow, and manage supplier and sales men's activities.
ILS TOUR . 1.0
Software for Hotel and Flight Booking developed for a french company, interfacing Galileo, Tourico, Mark Travel and Bonotel tourism Services. This software was developed using .NET technology with SQL server as a database engine. The application handles all reservation, booking and passenger information for flights, hotels and resorts. Users can customize profit margin, view and change Service providers as well as add their own products for flights and hotels.

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