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database driven blood donation website.
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Lebanese Parliementary monitor site.

It is hard to build simple applications with intuitive user interface, but here at Star Point Star, we do it with perfection.
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Intellihints for Dreamweaver Migration

Cell Touch LB

Daniel Ditlof Website

Peugeot joins our Client Family

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Since 1993, we have provided our valued customers with an extensive selection of software solutions, ranging from billing, point of sales, to web interfaces. Our key aim as the Star Point Star team, is to carefully understand our clients’ needs and requests, proposing a software solution to ease their day to day work, not only providing effortlessness in use, but also comfort for the eye.

All our software interfaces are implemented allowing customers to be in control of their workflow, whether the solution was web or desktop based, we always make sure that their business is top priority, and that they achieve the most work in the smallest period of time, allowing them to increase their work rate and to be able to maintain their control over all the aspects of their business.

We combine the knowledge gained during academic years with the skills developed throughout 12 years of experience, creating a perfect mixture of technical and business oriented minds, working for one objective, that to extend our customers’ business ability into the new age, giving them a solid footstep forward into the right direction.

Star Point Star is a proud believer in that “a satisfied customer is the only approach to leading a good business”, and have been living by this code during the 12 years of software production. We also believe in that satisfaction comes from following through, and not only providing a solution, but additionally the after sales support that comes with each proposed solution. Software applications, are a long term investment and are treated as such by all staff members of the Star Point Star establishment, in the way that we provide all the needed support that comes with the product, for all the needed time that the customer requests.

Last but not least, we always make sure that our customers are treated with extra care, during the delicate matter of software development, because we believe that “good communication is also the way to good business”, and that sharing your requirements helps us better appraise your problems, thus better shaping the solutions to fit the need and a bit more.
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