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Our services include but are not limited to application development, application maintenance and support, Content Management Systems, E-Business solutions, Enterprise application services, CRM, ERP, E-Marketing and Mobile Solutions.
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- Application development:
Star Point Star has a well-defined and mature application development model which comprises all the steps taken from the business case analysis to warranty support of the application. This development model supports distributed production environment wherein work responsibilities are delegated efficiently and effectively to all developing member of the delivery team. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked for further support and maintenance.

The application development methodology is used in all following cases: - New application development
- Existing application enhancement
- Application consolidation
- Application migration

The Star Point Star development team follows a set standard in all programming and analysis of our IT solutions, using an iterative waterfall model through which all sections are developed; they are tested at the end scheduled period.

- Application maintenance and support:

In supporting our applications, we provide a full scale maintenance plan that involves a full time support model for all of our proposed IT solutions. Our maintenance plans provide assurance and self ease to our clients in knowing that we are always available to help overcome incidents and problems they might face.
Our maintenance plans are not only to prevent problems, the also include updates and new functionalities added to on going project development.
All projects include a maintenance plan renewable at the end of each year, which includes optional services, whether they were on yearly basis or per-visit terms, they are always provided when needed with efficiency and timeliness.

- Content Management:

As e-Business has become an untapped side of each business, we at Star Point Star make sure that our clients are well equipped and ready to tackle all the issues that are related to managing a website.
Document management, content editing and automation, all the aspects related to maintaining an up-to-date and dynamic website can be provided by the Star Point Star web team. Automated web editing, user friendly, graphically rich and powerful, all these qualities provide our customers a stepping stone in handling all the facets of an e-Business or simpler yet, a website.
We make sure that power and efficiency do not overtake grace and beauty, and that no matter how automated a web solutions is, there is no need to let it over-shadow the user interfaces that we create. This robust mixture of efficiency and grace comes from combining a graphic design team with web developers, working side by side to provide both qualities with minimum deficiency.

- E-Business solutions:

The business side of the web is also a sector that a large number of quantities are exploiting in order to provide growth and internationality to their business, and we also give our share of push in this area. Providing Web solutions for e-businesses is a delicate task that involves automation and accounting related functionalities that Star Point Star takes pride in being able to provide.
Since every business needs constant monitoring for both growth and stock control, this can be provided using web applications that make it easier for our customers to manage their products online, and be able to sell and produce invoicing for their clients, giving a push in the e-direction.
The benefit of having these web solutions is the ability to do business wherever you are, and whenever you want, with a 100% world wide accessibility, you can monitor all your business from your summer location with simple internet connection, and be able to produce income with less effort.
The web solutions we provide are efficient in the way they model your product listing and trade, and effective in the method they provide extensive statistical tools to be able to watch and maintain growth due to information study.

- Enterprise application services:

o CRM:
Custom designed application for customer relationship management and monitoring, both web intranet based, and desktop applications. Being able to track all customer relationship tasks, marketing and e-campaign management. All Customer related information, from within one application.

o ERP:
Enterprise resource planning with easily customizable modules, that gives you a potent approach effortlessly and easily integrated with your daily planning office routines.

o E-Procurement and Procurement:
Providing B2B purchase and sales modules for both e-businesses and companies, with easy to use tools that are compelling and graphically endowed.

- E-Marketing and Mobile Solutions:

Another growing market is that of the mobile and e-marketing solutions that are being provided by a large number of providers online. Star Point Star can also provide Control centers for Mobile web solutions, like web-to-sms and Mobile marketing.
We also provide customized SMS provider solutions, for accounting and user monitoring for bulk SMS sales. We have an extensive experience providing SMS solutions in different formats, whether it was accounting, reporting or maintaining of huge numbers of client accounts. This experience also includes the handling of SMS bulk delivery systems, and redundant SMS gateway solutions, using an elaborate system of gateway shifting based on delivery status reports.

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