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  Websites Back . 1.0
The newest lebanese portal holding contact information for different professions in the Lebanese sector.
This portal is one of the newest additions to the Star Point Star Portfolio, which contains our latest technologies, and CMS system. . 1.0
Professional database driven website for the Parliament member and previous minister in the Lebanese government.

A fully interactive data driven website, management by the CMS system that was developed in-house. . 1.0
A leading loofah manufacturing company localized in the Lebanese region.

This website includes product listing, and CMS management for all products and contact activity. . 1.0
A artistically endowed company, dealing with mosaics and mosaic installation.

This company is located in Canada, and markets its products through the web in Canada, United States, and foreign countries. . 1.0
A real estate company, located in the central district, Beirut.

The site has been launched successfully and is publicly viewable.
Sally K. Paintings . 1.0
Sally K. Paintings is a Flash website integrating ASP, as it is not only an animated website, it is also a dynamic one, allowing the artist to update the website with the photos of her most recent paintings, news about her up-coming exhibitions, upload videos, and artwork.
ICU Call Inc. . 1.0
ICU Call Inc., a leading company in the field of IP telephone, voice over IP providing the middle and american region with high quality web telephony products. .
One of the leading silver jewelry manufacturer in the middle east. was an interesting project which included 3 companies in one website: 2in1, 925 and yamor. The website includes a small animation and a flash menu, in addition to a database driven information, and product listing. The website's backend office is an ASP, SQL content management system "SPS CMS 1.0". .
A local hand crafted art jewelry maker, who creates her own jewelry line of artistic and distinguished jewelry for women. is a simple yet artistic website, containing a glimpse of the artist herself in a colorful environment. .
The Law office of Mr. Daniel Ditlof is our first step towards the United States web market. A mixture of professional yet elegant design, this website is built statically, and contains flash animation in addition to a user friendly design. . 1.0
Professional database driven website for a cell shop in beirut, fully interactive with a back-end office for editing and updating the website. . 1.0
Lebanese Parliament Monitor is a project for Nahwa Al Muwatiniya, a non profit organization founded by individuals from all walks of life and from a mosaic of political, cultural, and religious backgrounds. The project is a database driven website, developed in PHP and MySql with multilingual support. . 1.0
“Life Doesn’t Wait” is a CDP project co-funded by the European Union through the AFKAR initiative. It aims at tackling the various blood donation problems in Lebanon by setting up a system to manage and maintain a proper blood supply based mainly on the concept of “donors on demand”. . 1.0 is a non profit organization aiming at gathering the intellectual, organizational, and local youthful energies to build a common view and establish new concepts in order to develop society and pull it out of the sectarian ignorance into the light of national conscience. . 1.0
Personal website for Dr Issam Khalife, a university professor teaching history. The website contains articles, information and contact details for the esteemed doctor. . 1.0
Personal website for Dr. Abdel Raouf Sinno, a historian and a professor at the lebanese university.

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